Dunn-Edwards Paints

Dunn-Edwards Paints is committed to providing superior products and services our customers expect. Dunn-Edwards Paints® began as a small, family-owned business in 1925 and, through hard work and commitment to quality, grew to become one of the country's largest independent manufacturers and distributors of paints and painting supplies.

We dedicate ourselves to providing professionals and consumers throughout the west with a complete line of the highest-quality, best-value paints, painting supplies and equipment — as well as superior service. And we do it with pride.


Premium Performance without the odor.

SPARTA-ZERO® is a line of premium interior, low odor, Zero VOC paints that provide exceptional hide, durability, and performance. They are ideal for use on residential and commercial projects, schools, hospitals, or hotels and any application where low odor products are preferred.

  • Formulated using the highest quality resins and pigments to provide better scrub and block resistance and adhesion
  • Better balance of sag resistance and flow and leveling provides a uniform, smooth finish
  • Unique thickeners to minimize roller spatter, making it easier to apply


Durable, versatile line of exterior 100% acrylic paints.

SPARTA-SHIELD® is a complete line of premium, ultra-low VOC, 100% acrylic exterior paints that provide exceptional hide, durability and versatility.

SPARTA-SHIELD® products apply easily, dry to a smooth, uniform finish and are low odor.


  • Superior hide and durability
  • Exceptional balance of sag resistance and flow & leveling
  • Easy to apply and dries to a smooth uniform finish
  • Ideally suited for use on commercial and residential projects such as schools, hotels, hospitals and single family or multi-tenant housing
  • Very low odor and ultra-low VOC content


The multi-surface primer with superior adhesion

ULTRA-GRIP® Select is a Zero VOC (zero volatile organic compound), acrylic multi-surface primer designed for a wide range of interior and exterior applications. It provides excellent adhesion to properly prepared drywall, wood, and masonry, as well as hard-to-stick surfaces, such as aged alkyd, aluminum and galvanized metal. ULTRA-GRIP® Select has very good stain blocking, hide and excellent enamel holdout. It applies smoothly, dries fast, and is compatible with all Dunn-Edwards latex and alkyd finishes.

  • Excellent adhesion to properly prepared drywall, wood, and masonry, as well as hard-to-stick surfaces, such as aged alkyd and galvanized metal
  • Good stain blocking and hide
  • Excellent adhesion, hide, block resistance, and reduced yellowing
  • Excellent enamel holdout
  • Dries quickly and sands easily
  • Zero VOC content


VINYLASTIC® Plus is a professional interior latex wall sealer that provides good hide and coverage. VINYLASTIC® Plus sands easily and is easy to apply. VINYLASTIC® Plus is designed for use on new drywall in residential and commercial applications.