California Paints is committed to providing the highest quality interior paint, exterior paint and architectural coatings, including the #1 rated exterior paint evaluated by a national independent study.

Whether you are searching for timeless classics or the latest color 
trends, Premier Paints offers the right California Paints for the job.

Fres-Coat is a premium exterior paint at a moderate cost. Fres-Coat provides a trouble-free, durable, long-lasting finish with maximum sealing, adhesion, breathability and flexibility. Smooth flowing, easy to apply, and quick drying. Ideal for use on drywall, plaster, wood and masonry.

Another top line from California Paints is Flawless Elements™ Zero VOC is an environmentally preferred, premium quality, 100% acrylic interior paint that provides flawless application and exceptional durability. 

California Paints Elements line consists of:

Ceiling White
Flat Finish
Eggshell Finish
Semi-gloss Finish
Pearl Finish

California Paints Elements is the perfect choice for commercial applications in homes and offices, as well as  hospitals, daycare centers, and schools. With very little odor during and after application, rooms painted with Elements Zero VOC can be used right away without compromising healthy indoor air quality.  This is a great solution for people with respiratory sensitivity.

With essentially no odor during and after painting, rooms and offices painted with Flawless Elements can be occupied right away without a compromise to healthy indoor air quality. 

California Paints Elements Zero-VOC (volatile organic compounds) is a commercial grade, environmentally preferred paint. California Elements is also LEED Credit Worthy, which means you may qualify for a tax credit if you use it to upgrade your home or business. 

Trillion Colorant - California Paints and Storm System stains are tinted with high strength Zero VOC Colorant for maximum color retention and hide-ability. Trillion is the only super strength colorant tinting system. Trillion’s super strength intensity provides more opaque and enriched color than other tinting systems.